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The domainname wishes to become a meeting place on the wide world web, for all people with last name Skaflestad, and people who in some way have their roots from the farm Skaflestad in Naustdal, Sogn og Fjordane in western Norway. This will apply to all of you that can find the last name Skaflestad somwhere in your genealogy table, since the name Skaflestad is unique for this farm in Naustdal.

From historical sources we know the name Skaflestad back from 13 th. century. Today descendants from people that have lived on Skaflestad is scattered all over Norway, and not least in the USA.

We hope this page will develop to an important ressource for us to keep in contact with each other, and a tool for spreading small and big news about our relatives. We hope many will take this service in use, and give us responce about how you find this site, and suggestions about how to develop it further.
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Skaflestad aniversary 2001

Last summer (2001) we had a Skaflestad reunion on Skaflestad in Naustdal. All living descendants from Oliver and Helle Sofie Skaflestad vas invited to the reunion, and more than 200 of them were present at Skaflestad on 30 th. of june 2001. In connection with the reunion there was made a registration of all the descendants from Oliver and Helle Sofie. 416 persons are registrated. The whole database is made available on the Web.

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Photos and history.

In connection with the Skaflestad reunion Nils Petter Fredheim has digitallised a lot of photos, and made them available on the web. A history summary written by Rune Bruflot is also available on Nils Petter Fredheims site. For the time beeing the summary is available only in norwegian.

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